How to install KTouch (Touch Typing Tutor) on Windows

So, you’re on a journey to learn touch type and have heard great things about this KTouch application, but headed straight to Google just to find out it’s running under Linux. Disappointed you’ve searched for a way to install it on Windows or searched for an analog program running in Windows. Naah, that’s so wrong! You can have KTouch running under Windows straight under your fingertips. Here is the proof:
KTouch (Touch Typing Tutor) running under Windows. The keyboard layout is set to Dvorak

How to get your hands on it

It is pretty easy so, let’s just do it.

  1. Go to and download the KDE for Windows installer (version KDE SC 4.4.0 at the time of writing);
  2. when downloaded start the installer;
  3. usually the defaults are good enough, but pay some extra attention to the Packages Selection step;
  4. when you reach this step you will have to find the kdeedu package and select it for installation. Just filter out the packages;
  5. complete the installation and you will find the shortcut to the glorious KTouch in your Start menu.

kdeedu marked for install

The shortcut of the installed KTouch under Windows

That’s all of it. Happy touch-typing!